Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updated Book of Mormon Map

After making the Antediluvian Map, I decided to "upgrade" the Book of Mormon Map that I posted on here before. So, here it is:

I just added some Jaredite cities, and some late Nephite cities around the Narrow Neck of Land and Northward. Also, I color coded the "pins" for the city placements:

Blue = Nephite
Red = Lamanite
Yellow = Jaredite


Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I really appreciate having a visual to go along with my scripture study. It totally helps me understand as I read! Great Map!!!

Anonymous said...


Where did you get this map from? I would love to have it for home study,

Thank you!

Lyn Montes said...

Where can I get a larger version of this that I can use this year with our primary class?

Brenda Buckley said...

I also woul love to but a copy if you're selling them.

Unknown said...

Hello, very nice work!
Is this map your production?
I'd like to talk to you to have authorization to use it, if you approve!
Please email me, or by Facebook Diego Cavazotti

Wait your contact.

Anonymous said...

Archeologists have discovered the remains of what they call the Hopewell people dating to just during the time of the Book of Mormon and validating the location that Joseph Smith stated was where the people were when he delivered the first copies of the book to the Native Americans in North America around the Great Lakes area and the Adena people that is believed to be the Jaredite people who came from the North while Lehi came in through the South near Florida today. All the remains prove everything now in the BoM including the elephants and the horses, etc...The church is leaving all the false cultural guesses of the land being in Central America where nothing matches up and no proper remains have been found. The DNA in North America even matches up around the Great Lakes area. They have tours you can take now to go see everything and the cities where they built up the walls to protect themselves from the Lamanites attacking. The church is in the process of having all the artwork redone and redoing the video of Christ appearing in America to reflect the proper landscape etc...They've been finding tons of arrowheads, swords, spears, pottery, the building foundations, etc...even the mass burial mounds from the wars and the armor the Nephites wore. They even found what they believe are several temple sites including the city of Lehi which was of a peculiar construction and it is amazing! You've got to see it and it will blow your mind how well it all fits. Imagine how much easier this will make it to talk to your friends about the scriptures with hard factual evidence. The Great Lakes used to be shaped a little larger too back then so you have to take that into account as well. Finally we will have real maps soon of the actual real geography! Yippee!!

Anonymous said...

You are spot on!!! The veil over the earth is beginning to burst...

Mike Tedrow said...

That is pretty awesome! Do you have any links to stories or archeological sites where this info is published? Thanks